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Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain?

Wanting to be closer to their family in Deer Park Dr. Chad and his wife opened Galveston Physical Medicine in November 2001.The Galveston community was ideal for us due to the great people and being near water, which is a perfect fit for our outdoor lifestyle.

Galveston Physical Medicine is dedicated to getting sick patients well and then keeping them well.  For the past eleven years I solely treated my patients through chiropractic and achieved wonderful results, but in 2012 I added a nurse practitioner to my clinic to more effectively treat a wider range of their illness’s  and ailments such as CTS and neuropathy.  In addition, due to a number of our patients suffering from joint arthritis and inflammation, we have now implemented a natural, safe alternative to drugs and surgery for joint pain and arthritis.  

With Chiropractic and NP combined, we at Galveston Physical Medicine are able to offer the best of both worlds for our patients.  Our patients can expect to be treated in a timely and efficient manner with respect for their condition.   From the first phone call to our office or appointment, a patient is made to feel welcome and treated in a professional manner.  At Galveston Physical Medicine, if our team is unable to help treat a patient with a particular condition we will make the appropriate referral to ensure the patient’s condition is effectively managed.

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By Chad Duchon

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