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In the present day context regenerative medicine is the future of wound care. The utilization of the power of cell-derived signaling molecules has been proven to be a more effective means for wound healing. It isn’t just about the cell, rather it’s about the regenerative qualities of cell-secreted proteins. We are pioneering the use of cell-derived proteins and nano vesicles derived from immunologically privileged tissues for a variety of applications, providing better healthcare solutions and outcomes for both patients and providers in Galveston TX.

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Arterial Pressure Ulcers: Arterial pressure ulcers result from skin and soft tissue ischemia due to arterial-occlusive disease. They are associated with hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and smoking. Various methods of pressure offloading have strong evidence of effectiveness in prevention of pressure ulcers.

Venous Pressure Ulcers: Venous ulcers typically occur because of damage to the valves inside the leg veins. These valves control the blood pressure inside the veins. They allow it to drop when you walk. If the blood pressure inside your leg veins doesn’t fall as you’re walking, the condition is called sustained venous hypertension. That increase in blood pressure cause ulcers to form on the ankles.

Diabetic Neuropathy Wounds: Diabetic foot ulceration is a serious complication of diabetes mellitus worldwide and the most common cause of hospitalization in diabetic patients. The etiology of diabetic foot ulcerations is complex due to their multifactorial nature; in the pathophysiology of diabetic foot ulceration polyneuropathy is important. Proper adherence to standard treatment strategies and interdisciplinary cooperation can reduce the still high rates of major amputations.

Pressure Injury: Pressure injury also known as pressure ulcers are decubitus ulcers - are injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin. Pressure injury most often develop on skin that covers bony areas of the body, such as the heels, ankles, hips and tailbone. People most at risk of pressure injury have medical conditions that limit their ability to change positions or cause them to spend most of their time in bed or chair.

What Do We Offer?

  • Specialized Grafting for the healing of chronic and complicated wounds
  • Expedite wound closure between 4-6 weeks on average
  • Natural Biosynthetic Products
  • Treatment of Diabetic Ulcers, Pressure Sores, Trauma Wounds and Burns. Expedited Wound Closure for Pain Reduction and Infection Control
  • A potential alternative to leg amputation, healing with native tissue and less scarring.

Advanced Wound Care Products:

Our advanced wound care products are specifically designed for regenerative wound care which is all about the regenerative qualities of the cell-secreted proteins.

Our advanced wound care products help:

  • Repair chronic wound
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers


Amnion (inner layer)
Chorion (outer layer)


  • Collagen Type - I, III, IV, V, and VI
  • Elastin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-β)
  • Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGFs)
  • Platelet Derived Growth Factors (PDGF) A&B
  • Proteins and vesicles IN SOLUTION
  • Proteins
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Extracellular Vesicles (e.g. exosomes)

Amnion provides ideal regenerative scaffold for cell proliferation and differentiation

Unique Healing Properties of Amnion Scarless fetal wound healing: A basic science review Barrett J. Larson, B. S., Michael T. Longaker, M.D., M.B.A., and H. Peter Lorenz, M.D. Hagey Laboratory for pediatric regenerative medicine, division of plastic surgery, department of surgery, Stanford university school of medicine

Summary Scar formation is a major medical problem that can have devastating consequences for patients. The adverse physiological effects of scars are broad, and there are currently no reliable treatments to prevent scarring. In contrast to adult wound, early gestation fetal skin wound repair rapidly and in the absence of scar formation. Despite extensive investigation, the exact mechanisms of scarless fetal wound healing remain largely unknown. For some time, it has been known that significant differences exist among the extracellular matrix, inflammatory response, cellular mediators, and gene expression profiles of fetal and postnatal wound. These differences may have important implications in scarless wound repair.


XWRAP® is a regenerative, anti-adhesive, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial amnion derived biological used to repair DFUs, VLUs, and Pressure Ulcers.

XWRAP® is intended for, but not limited to use for chronic wound repair.

XWRAP® is the intermediate amniotic epithelial layer of the placenta. This layer is a rich source of epidermal growth factor(EGF), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), which stimulate angiogenesis; Tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs), which inhibit metalloproteinase activity and matrix degradation; Extracellular matrix proteins such as fibronectins and laminins, which drive cell attachment, migration, and subsequent organization; as well as Type I, II, III, V, and VI collagen.

XWRAP® is recovered during a Cesarean deliveryfrom healthy, pre-screened donors, and is processed to preserve the structural integrity ofthe amniotic epithelial membrane. A Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment(CLIA) certified lab that meets or exceeds the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) criteria screens and tests XWRAP® to minimize the risk of communicable diseases. All donors’ medical history and behavior is assessed and evaluated following United States Public Health Service (USPHS) guidelines.

XWRAP® is an allograft tissue that is regulated under section 361 of the PHS Act and meets the criteria of Title 21 Code for Federal Regulation (CFR) 1271.3 and 1271.10. From tissue recovery, tissue processing, and packaging, Applied Biologics ensures that each unit of XWRAP® has been carefully screened and meets industry standards for the use of biologic products in urgery.

Application: XWRAP® is an amniotic membrane that can be used to repair DFUs, VLUs and Pressure Ulcers.


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