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Galveston Physical Medicine (GPM) has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for its patients for approximately 20 years by offering patients first-rate access to quality medicine and helping them maintain their health. From 2001 to 2012, I was the sole chiropractic healthcare provider in the practice; however, in 2012 I added a nurse practitioner to help treat a wider array of illnesses and ailments such as CTS. Due to the high volume of patients suffering from joint arthritis and inflammation, they now incorporate and implement a natural, safe alternative to pharmaceuticals and invasive procedures for joint pain and arthritis.

Now with both chiropractic care alongside a nurse practitioner, we are able to offer extensive care and treatments for our patients. Patients can expect top-notch care from the time they schedule their first appointment until they exit the practice. At Galveston Physical Medicine we value privacy and we treat patients in an efficient manner with respect to their condition. If the patient was dissatisfied with their care or we were unable to treat their particular condition, we take pride in being willing to make appropriate referrals to ensure the patient’s treatment is managed.

If you are experiencing any pain in the joints, have arthritis, or any other ailments you can qualify for the ANS exam, our Galveston TX chiropractors can help you and your family!

Galveston Physical Medicine

Galveston Physical Medicine was opened in November 2001 by Dr. Chad Duchon and his wife, their desire to be near family is what initially drew them to Deer Park, TX. In addition to being drawn to the southern charm and direct access to the ocean - which fuels their active lifestyle - they found the town to be the perfect environment for their personal and professional lives.

Galveston Physical Medicine offers various treatments or services that are unique to our practice, ones that are not offered most places. We are in a centralized location where our patients have access to a variety of first-rate treatment options that we personally customize for you.

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    With modern technology and knowledge a patient’s chronic pain can be relieved. However, finding a physician locally can prove to be a challenge; for example, a practice or clinic that offers various forms of treatment for the array of issues patients experience and that exist.

    The issue of chronic pain has the potential to affect anyone, but it is most commonly found in people aged over 65.

    Our team at Galveston Physical Medicine is passionate about giving you the highest quality care and is ready to discuss everything you need. We can even create a personalized routine or program for you. We are excited to meet with you!

    Take the first step with the Health Risk Analysis, learn more about it here!


    Millions of Americans suffer from and experience the lasting effects of chronic pain, and that number continues to rise because people continue to be unaware of how their pain can be alleviated.

    Are you experiencing chronic pain? Take the first step on how you can treat your pain with the Health Risk Analysis exam!

    Don’t wait to take control of your health, let today be the day. Make your health a priority by taking the first step of scheduling an appointment with us; our Health Risk Analysis can help change your life. Our team dedicates their time to work with you individually to help you achieve your health goals.


    Early detection could save your life. Come see us today for our Health Risk Analysis. We test for the early signs of over 20 life-threatening disease states including heart attack risk, diabetes, and other chronic diseases in less than 15 minutes.

    We would love to have you come in to see us! We offer a Health Risk Analysis that is covered by most insurances, this test allows us to determine where to get started on a plan of care for your specialized needs. Learn more here.

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